Online Psychich Development Course

How do you know if you’re psychic?

On Thursday night I talked with Leigh Hopkins on Facebook LIVE about one of the most common questions we get from people before they register for my Online Psychic Development for Beginners class: "How do you know if you're psychic?" “I recently took one of the online classes and absolutely loved it. Leigh and Echo are amazing instructors and are so kind and passionate.” – Christine You asked, we answered! We've been ... Read More

Online Psychich Development Course

Online and In Person Psychic Development Classes

Whether you live in the Twin Cities or in another country, there are many ways to study with me, and we've got it all right here. Online Classes For those of you around the globe, I have a six-week online Psychic Development for Beginners Class with Viva Institute. (See below for information about the Advanced Psychic Development class.) The next class begins in just a few weeks on September 10, and registration is ... Read More

Join me for Facebook LIVE tonight

I'm back! Tonight I'll be doing a Facebook LIVE event at 7 ET / 6 CT with Leigh Hopkins, the Director of Viva Institute. We'll be talking about what it was like to become an author, my appearances on the TODAY Show, and what the producers of the movie Ghost wanted to know when they called. My next online class begins on 6/19 – join us to ask your questions. Register for this free event.   Online Psychic ... Read More

Recording of my Facebook Live conversation

If you missed me on Facebook Live on Tuesday night, here's the recording of the conversation. You can also watch the play-by-play comments from the live audience when you watch this link. We had so much fun doing this, we'll be doing more soon, so check back on Facebook to see what we're talking about next. Just a reminder that my next online class begins June 19. You can find all of the information about how the class ... Read More

Join me for Facebook LIVE tonight

Tomorrow night I'll be doing a Facebook LIVE event at 7 ET / 6 CT with Leigh Hopkins, the Director of Viva Institute. Do you think you may have psychic abilities? Learn the difference between psychic abilities and intuition. Join me tomorrow night to learn more about how to open you up to your innate intuitive abilities and ask your questions live. It will be lots of fun! Register for this free event.   Online ... Read More

Next online class begins Monday

interactive 6-week course

Online Psychic Development for Beginners with Echo Bodine Begins Monday, April 16, 2016 Course Overview World-renowned psychic, healer, author and teacher Echo Bodine presents Online Psychic Development for Beginners: Level I. This interactive 6-week course, which has taught more than a thousand people in 6 continents, will take you through a wide range of engaging activities, all designed to open you up to your ... Read More

A quick note about tomorrow’s online class

Just a quick reminder that the next session of the advanced session of my Online Psychic Development Level II claass starts tomorrow, Monday, March 12. The price of my online classes will go up in April, so if you haven't taken this class yet, now's a great time to join us. The people registered for this session are funny, supportive, and curious. They're healers and animal communicators, life coaches and teachers, and ... Read More

Psychic Abilities and Classes

Hello: Today I want to talk to you about something dear to my heart and that is psychic abilities and intuition. I was recently asked to speak to a women’s business group on intuition and as I was preparing for it, I felt this deep excitement about reaching as many people as possible and teaching them about their God given gifts. Many of you know I’ve been teaching psychic development since 1980, whether it was in a 16 ... Read More


I want to run an idea by you. Someone said to me the other day that she was really worrying about me, and after the conversation I thought to myself, what good does that do her or me? Worrying is a waste of energy and it affects our health. The next time you find yourself worrying about something, ask yourself – and that's from the government to your children, to icy roads, to whatever – what good is it doing us to ... Read More

“Your soul wanted to be here at this time for a reason…”

Next Online Class begins Monday, January 22

During a live call with a recent online class, I said, "Fasten your seat belts...there are even more political changes on the way." More and more shake-ups and changes are coming, which is why it's more important than ever to stay focused on the things that will help you to stay grounded and hopeful about the future. Remember – your soul wanted to be here at this time in history for a reason, so sit back and observe, but ... Read More