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hELLO We're heading into a holiday weekend and I wanted to let you know I'm doing a LIVE GUIDED MEDITATION  this Friday night from 7-8:00pm. It's a great way to begin this busy weekend. Saturday the Center is open from 11-3. Bobby Sullivan will be doing readings and aura photo's, Tina McGee, body work and healings, Fernando Tellez, Shamanic Healings and Jay Coleman will be there to help you figure out what you're ... Read More



Hello I apologize for getting this out so late in the week. Time is just flying by. Saturday May 21st, is this months Aurapalooza (open house) at the Center from 10-5. As always we have great vendors: Bobby Sullivan, Psychic Jean Wallis, Psychic Jeffrey Tyler, Tarot Carol Lowell, Psychic, Healer, Wes Hamilton, Numerologist Andrea Aydt, Palm Reading, Tarot Kathrine Kurta , Psychic Lena Swanson, Animal ... Read More


Astrologer Nancy Jernander Friday night 7-9:00

We've started a new thing at the Center. The second Friday of every month, Astrologer Nancy Jernander talks to us about what's happening astrologically and since times have become so crazy, it's really helpful to get her perspective on what's happening. Come and join us tomorrow night, May 13th 7-9:00pm. No need to register. Just bring your sweet self and learn more about your life. $20. Sincerely, Echo ps. ... Read More


Psychic Development Class begins tomorrow night


Hello My 16 week psychic/spiritual development class begins tomorrow night, May 10th 7-9:15. Here's the run down of topics. PSYCHIC/SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT Tuesday, May 10th 7-9:15pm begins a 16 week class taught by Echo Bodine Intuition Clairvoyance   Psychic Exercise and  Interpretation Clairaudience   Psychic  Exercises Clairsentience and Clairgustance   Psychic  Exercise Mediumship Spirit Guides, ... Read More


Center open Saturday

Dates for Healing Workshop changed

The Center will be open this Saturday from 11-3:00. Jean Wallis will be doing psychic readings, Fernando Tellez will be available for healings and Tina McGee will be doing body work (massage and healings). I've changed the dates of the Healing Workshop. The workshop I had planned for June 11-12th has been moved to July 9-10th. Here are the details: 2 DAY INTENSIVE LAYING ON HANDS HEALING WORKSHOP Saturday, July 9, ... Read More


Center is closed tomorrow, Sat. April 30th

Meditation tonight 7-8:00pm

For those of you in the Twin Cities who shop at the Cottage House, it is being featured tomorrow night, Saturday, April 30th at 11:05pm on Life to the Max CBS, WCCO Channel 4 and if you're not able to catch it, it will run again Sunday morning at 5:00 am. Have a great weekend everyone. Love, Echo ... Read More


Animal Communication Workshop and Mercury Retrograde

Hi Everyone, Two quick messages. Mercury has gone retrograde for three weeks, so it’s time to double check appts and travel plans. Double check your calendar in the morning. We tend to forget appts or show up at the wrong time when Merc  goes retro. This planet affects communication and travel, so be smart and be prepared. With Mars being retro along with three other planets, we might as well just buckle up and enjoy ... Read More


Prince, Classes and Meditation This Friday

I’d like to share some information that came to me over the weekend about Prince. I know a lot of us loved him and his music and this seems worth sharing. Most of you that know me, know that I like to check in on a person’s soul when their physical body dies, to see if they made it over to the other side and I did that last week when they announced his death. I was surprised to see that he was not on the other side. I ... Read More


Destiny of Soul Class Starts Thursday

The next on line class begins May 2nd

THE DESTINY OF THE SOUL - Our Life between Lives - with Bobby Sullivan We will be digging deeper to our Soul's purpose on earth, other spiritual settings where souls go preceding death, ways that spirits connect with and comfort the living, spirit guides and the council of wise beings who interview us after each life, soul mates and links between soul groups and human families, soul recreation and travel between lives, ... Read More